The Half-Life line of games is about to get a new release. Amazingly enough, I’ve never so much as tried a one of them. Luck for me, then, Valve is making all of the series so far free to play for the period up until the games release.


Late for work, dangerously incompetent, and prone to falling off of ladders.

I’m going to start at the beginning which, I’m told, is a very good place to start. The original release, a 1998 product, was reworked in 2004 to run on an updated engine. I’m surprisingly comfortable with 20- (give or take, depending on the version) -year-old sound and graphics. I’m a little less amused with the fidgety jumping puzzles and the frequent tumbles from ladders.

For anyone who has played the game, my comments two decades on won’t signify much. If you haven’t played the game, its probably because you’re not inclined to. I did mention that its free, though – for a limited time only!