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A couple of thoughts to add, having now played the first non-tutorial scenario of Radio Commander, called Prisoner of War.

  1. It turns out, I’m reading everyone’s mail. The next cut scene was a letter from the girlfriend of my other platoon leader.
  2. The racism theme continues even though the mail snooping has moved on. The commander of a Special Forces unit lets go with an expletive-filled diatribe about how Coleman caused the death of some of the POWs by being too slow.
  3. The incident in #2 is evidence of the results and scoring being scripted. The reason that the rescue took so long was because I decide to approach the POW camp from “the rear” relative to the scenario start. So, first, the delay occurred before first contact, which shouldn’t have impacted the mission. Second, the delay was due to my own circuitous routing of the Special Forces. So if their commander was pissed at anyone, it should have been me. Third, I thought Bravo Platoon made it into the fight pretty quickly after the shooting started. My conclusion is that this was all an event triggered based on what the clock read at the end of the mission rather than the way the scenario itself was played.
  4. On the other hand, I had previously wondered if flanking was a factor in combat. I explicitly saw it used during the fight.
  5. Surprisingly, given the tongue-lashing I heard, I scored pretty well on this scenario. In fact, this was by far my best performance of the campaign.
  6. I’ll point out, I’m playing on a pretty easy setting, so I probably should be doing pretty well most every time. The game has four levels of difficulty. The lowest, called “Story Mode”, one presumes would be nearly impossible to lose. I’m on the next one up from there.

Radio Commander campaign screen. I’ve completed four missions and am ready for #5.

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