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[F]or most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody. And believe me, you really don’t want that switch to get flipped, because Civil War 2.0 would make Bosnia look like a trip to Disneyworld.

The quote is author Larry Correia relaying a conversation he had with a friend. It’s part of a larger article where he tries to articulate, for a reader who might lean to the left, why gun confiscation is a terrible idea. It is in response to a tweet by one of California’s representatives to the U.S. House, Rep. Eric Michael Swalwell Jr. Salwell replied to a gun activist that the apparent “war” he wanted with gun owners would be a short one because the government has nukes.

Salwell has been mentioned as a potential 2020 presidential candidate and has expressed an interest in running.

I know a few “folks on the right.” This analysis rings true.