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Maddy: ‘The world is falling apart and all we hear about is blowjob-gate.’

Danny: ‘When was the last time the world wasn’t falling apart, huh?’

Coming of Netflix at the end of September is Leo DiCaprio’s political/action/thriller Blood Diamond. It is a drama set in 1999 during the latter years of the Sierra Leone Civil War.

For many years, I was not inclined to watch this one because I figured it was going to be too preachy. It’s not that I am opposed to making the diamond cartel the villain of this story; that whole industry seems pretty smarmy to me. I fully agree with the point, made in the movie, that it is the market manipulation of the major diamond distributors that drives the price of diamonds so high for consumers. Consumers that buy the diamonds largely because they are so expensive and, therefore, must be valuable. I don’t really want to hear it all when I’m trying to enjoy a mindless thriller, though.

One online review suggested that it is best to go into this film without preconceived expectations. So that is just what I did. I played the movie not expecting event to enjoy it all that much. As such, I was pleased with what I took in as a straight-forward, based-on-true-events action movie.

The political message, of course, has to be front and center. The controversy in the film largely post dates the issues and their resolution. Nevertheless, the film’s release brought broad public attention to an issue that most consumers of diamond jewelry probably didn’t think to much about. It didn’t get too, too heavy handed until the very end, and I suppose I could forgive that.

The lion’s share of the praise (at the time) went to DiCaprio’s performance. Both he and his costar were nominated for Oscars. He was decent in what, after all, was kind of a stock role. The hard-hearted mercenary comes to find his own humanity, and so forth. One scene that I, in particular, appreciated was near the end. Most of the fight scenes I just sat back and watched the action. Toward the end, I decided to count the rounds out of Leo’s rifle. Not only did he do a magazine change at the appropriate time, but I thought it was pretty well executed with good trigger discipline. By my reckoning, he either knows what he is doing or had some pretty good instruction.

All-in-all another one to that was worth enjoying before it was gone.