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Yesterday morning, an opinion piece ran in the Wall St. Journal entitled The Year Politics Collapsed. It may or may not be visible behind the WSJ paywall.

The essence of the article where it traces the beginnings of the current political environment to a summer half-a-century in the past. He says that this time when the left began to feel a sense of “moral triumphalism.” The author (regular contributor Daniel Henninger) writes, “[t]he opposition was no longer just wrong. It was morally suspect.” He also offers that this is the time when the media began shifting more and more away from its traditional neutrality and toward a left-leaning viewpoint.

It is impossible to understand the relevance of that year without a timeline.

Given it is a major theme of this blog, I have created a graphical timeline just for this year, and combine the events for the article with the music mentioned as well as the other Billboard #1 hit singles for the year.