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Coming of Netflix at the end of December is the film Rock the Kasbah.

When this film came out, it got fairly negative reviews and did very poorly at the box office. So despite, generally, going for most Bill Murray vehicles, I pretty much gave this a pass.

Fairly recently, some Facebook posts caused me to realize I have this distant connection to one of the actors. A friend of a friend has a medium-sized role in the movie. So this one went back into my Netflix queue, as it was available for streaming at the time.

But all streaming, it seems, must come to an end. So I decided to watch it before the opportunity was gone.

I like it.

Would I like it so much such low expectations going in? It does seem to be a big mix of Lost In Translation, War Dogs, Almost Famous, and more, with the occasional Caddyshack reference tossed in. If I were really looking for freshness, maybe this would have bothered me.

On the other hand, I generally like musician-centric movies, which this is. I also think that Hollywood does a good job with its self-referential dark comedies (I’m thinking, recently, of the likes of Birdman). In this case, Murray’s character is a rock tour agent who travels to Afghanistan to earn some money via a USO tour. As things start to go wrong, hilarity ensues.

Category-wise, it is also a big mix of different genres. Towards the end, the “comedy” designation of the film is retained mostly because Bill Murray is on-screen and, admit it, he’s pretty funny no matter what he is doing or saying. A little bit of everything is tossed into pot and stirred, coming up with something not very deep but pleasantly entertaining.

I would have expected a little more love for just this number of big names on the screen. I understand a lack of Oscar nominations. But this was the 5th worst performing film of all time, and the only one that did worse (and that I’ve even heard of) was Jem and the Holograms. It couldn’t really be that bad. It wasn’t.