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The pope finds a giant cache of Roman porn in the woods. This brings a cross-dressing artist named Victor/Victoria into the Vatican, and she catches the Pope’s eye. Meanwhile, the King of France is recovering from “Neapolitan Disease” which, as we all know, is Syphilis, but in the show is a plague that wiped out much of the city in a matter of days. Finally, the Pope has a huge burning man (but, instead, he burns a Papal Bull) festival on the steps of the Vatican. A Ben Hur inspired horse-race highlights the daytime portion of the festival, while the night is consumed by a massive toga party, during which the Bull is burned.

Meanwhile, the college of Cardinals frets about the expense. Because there is nothing else wrong here.

There is suspension of disbelief, and then there is just f***ing with a fellow. I took a liking to The Borgias in Season 1, but if this is going to be Season 2, you may have to go it without me.