I had a complaint about the sound in Pike and Shot. Specifically, I was bothered with the sound of the crossbows. Finally, I found a sound mod for it on the forum.

Links move, so I’ll leave it to the reader to navigate through the forums. I actually found two different Sound mods. The first replaces the orchestral music with more period appropriate music. While I did say I had soft spot for the music that shipped with the game, I think I’m going to like the immersion of something less anachronistic. It’s in a very-recently posted music package.

The other is included in the Unofficial Modding Guide. There are also replacements for the main music files, this time with ambient sounds (for when one finally does grow tired of the music). But it also contains replacements for some of the small sounds, most importantly that crossbow twing. There were several others that I’m happy to replace, also. There is a modern-sounding bugle call that hadn’t bothered me until I substituted a more period-appropriate drum cadence.