Clint Eastwood can do the hero film. Tom Hanks can play the hero.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Sully pulls it all together.

The circumstances of the mid-winter water landing on the Hudson river with all 155 passengers and crew surviving is something that I, and probably anyone from their late 20s onward, remembers very well. While watching the movie, a friend remarked that it seemed much more recent than the 8+ years that have now passed.

The drama of the movie (and it is a drama, not a documentary) is to show the struggle that the pilot went through to convince investigators (and himself) what he knows in his gut to be true; that he made the only possible decision.

The lead investigator has said that the movie mischaracterizes the tone and actions of the National Transportation Safety Board investigation to unfairly suggest “government incompetence.”

It is Clint Eastwood, after all.